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How to Dye Lace Closure

How to Dye Lace Closure

Before dying, you should prepare these things: comb, hair dye, towel, plastic gloves, hair tie, shampoo and conditioner.

1. comb the hair thoroughly and then pin back the rest of the hair that you donít want to dye

2. Put on the clothes you donít mind getting dye on and put plastic gloves on your hands.

3. According to the manufacturerís instructions to mix the hair dye, some manufacturers donít need to mix, so you can dye directly.

4. Apply the dye to your lace closure using the applicator bottle. Smooth the dye over the weave closure piece.

5. Rinse the dye from the hair again and again till the water runs clear. Then use shampoo and condition to wash the hair.

Warning & Tips:

1. Before dyeing, you should make sure that you are not allergic to hair dye. If you do, youíd better ask your hairstylist to dye it for you.

2. Wiping the dye off immediately with a wet towel if it gets on your skin.

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